I've been really slack at getting things up on my blog over the last week and a bit so this is a bit of a longer post to compensate. These first two images are designers republic the top one is just a great simple bit of work but i like a lot of the images they've made out of things exploding out of the top of a bottle, I think its a really good idea and the amount of things you can do with it are pretty endless. Under that it the Moshi Moshi sushi logo they've designed, such a nive typeface and colour i still love really really fat type and i think there might be an opening for some in the work in doing at the minute.

These next images are all Jonathon Williams, he's an illustrator that I looked at quite a bit at the start of the year but then lost track of, I was back on his site to put some of his images in context on my end of year presentation and he has a lot of newer work up that I really love, he's kept the same style but just produced more really really nice slick illustrations and i love some of the things he draws, especially that rat inside the hot dog bun.

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