An update of the images that have been informing the bus sheter designs I have been creating recently.

Really good advert done to promote the newest series of Star Wars movies, I dont think many of them will have been done due to high cost but they look great at night. I saw another photo during the day and they didn't look great.

This was the first image I came across using transparent advertising in bus shelters. It's a real red dress suspended between two panes of glass and it allows whoever walks past to compare their figure to the slim one of the dress, really innovative idea.

This is quite a simple idea of the girl being stuck inside the advertising pane, not sure who it was done for but I like the greyscale with the red shoes.

Two more great ones. The left is an advert for bridezilla, it has a wedding dress and flowers printing on acetate with an imitation crack and shoe as is someone has thrown their high heel at the advert and cracked the glass. The right one is for citreon and they are disguising the whole bus shelter as the crate in which the cars are delivered, its a good idea but I think its a bit one dimensional.

I think this is my favourite, its an advert for 3M who make security thickness glass. The agency fitted two panes of high thickness security glass instead of the usual advertising panes and filled it with stacks of fake money, the notes of the top of the piles were real notes though.

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