Promotion + Mailout.
Strengths - I feel like I've almost been waiting for someone to use a big lenticular for something like this because as a form is works so well as as item them is flat at first and then comes to life. In the mailout is serves as a really clever way to fold the paper so that the important information is still on the front, but also as an interesting way to catagorize the information that needed to be on there into sections.
The second piece serves as a more standard lenticular, playing on the eye from viewing from different angles. I heavy, grouped illustrations on the back work really well in contrast to the white space from the other angle.
Weaknesses - The envelope they've photographed it in doesn't look that impressive (picking at straws) and also the one thing that can be frustrating about this kind of intricate folding is that its very fiddly.

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