Brahm - Week 2

The second week of work experience I was in the creative team in Brahm, these are the print based designers as opposed to the digital ones (the two teams dont get on) I joined the team at a really good time as they were doing a one week brief for a client look to bring out a range of of spice sachets for home cooking curries. This gave me a chance to really see the initial stages of a brief. A really large amount of the first week was spent on deciding the positionals and how the product would be marketed, this is a process I've not spent a lot of time doing before and I've often shrugged off, but seeing this brief though really meant I got to see the advantages of doing it. If you take the time to understand where in the market your product will sit and who the people are that will hopefully be buying it, then it can dramatically inform your decisions when designing the aesthetics of the package. Mid-conversation I'd overheard one of the clients mention an elephant and someone else talking about an image of someone serving curry so I started playing around with an elephant carrying some curry or spices. This is probably the best of the ideas I came up with, and its to sit in the market as a strongly marketed brand in the mid price range, along such brands as heinz and oxo.

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