Brahm - Week One

Week 1 I was in Swamp which is the Digital arm of Brahm, I had a couple of fairly meanial jobs to get on with like some colouring in, but I spent the vast amount of time working with the other designers on the Classmate videos. The job was that the student company Connexions is in the proces of putting together a large scale smartphone application which can act as a careers guide for students, it works together with social networking sites such as facebook as well as having a full careers database to help students when making their decisions going intohigh education. What we needed to do was put together a video to demonstrate how the app would work. Some of the guys were putting together the shots and I needed to put together videos that would go onto the smartphone to show the app is use. This was quite a lot of responsibilty as it meant I had to design a lot of the actual interfaces of the app. Took a lot of time and changes but everyone was pleased with what we put together. Most of the section I was working on is in the video above. (Unfotunately for it to go on an iphone the right way round, it has to be sideways on the computer. I also put together a couple of images you yorkshire water (the ones with the cup and duck) which hopefully are going to be used on their new website, I'll wait and see!

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