Design Project Interview

1. Your work consists of projects where a decisions into printing and finishing have been carefully considered. Has this element always been a part of your design process, or it it something you have considered more as your career has moved along? It has always been integral to our design process, but the more experience we have gained the more we have used it as a creative / communication tool.
> 2. How comprehensive would you say your knowledge of print is? By this I mean your understanding into the physical processes that are gone through to achieve the results such as how the machines work, what set up is required ect.
It's fairly extensive now in terms of theory and principle.
> 3. Do you work with a number of different printers, or a select few that you keep going back to?
Yes, we have small group of people we work with - it's about understanding what they are good at and making sure the project you put with them marries with their skill-base.
> 4. How important in your opinion is print and finish to the resolution of a brief in comparison to the development of a concept and other aesthetic elements such as layout or typography.
To us all these things are of equal importance and will be considered at concept stage. It would be pointless for us to talk to a client about our design concepts without having a good idea about how we were going to make them happen-!!
> 5. How have your experiences of working with printers been in the past? Have you worked closely with a printer and to a point collaborated on getting the best results, and have you been in situations where problems have arisen between getting the designs to the required result due to a lack of understanding on either party? Problems are always going to occur - especially if you are going away from a trodden path. The trick is that the risk you take has to be calculated and based upon research. The difficult thing is that print is a physical process and can be unpredictable. You have to do your homework-!!
> 6. If you could change anything in general about printers, what would it be?
Nothing - like in all life, you have to work with what you're given. You just have to be sure you can trust that they are capable of doing what you have commissioned them to do (research, research, research-!!).

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