Progress Packaging Interview

1. How many of the designers you work with would you say have a comprehensive knowledge of print and finishing, how many do you think have fully considered the possibilities of print and finishing? - most senior designers do have a good knowledge of basic print.  There are certain dark areas that most designers don't know about but every job is different and is a learning curve.

2. How comprehensive would you say your knowledge of design is? Do you take an interest in the design of the projects you print or do you feel that as a printer you should only be concerned with the print? - I studied graphic design and have a strong passion for the industry.  To do a job in print or packaging production a good knowledge or passion for the subject is critical.

3. How have your experiences of working with designers been? Have you worked closely with a designer and to a point collaborated on projects to get the best results, and have you been it situations where problems have arisen between you and the designer due to a lack of understanding from either party? - We have to respect the designers with what they are trying to achieve.  We have to work with them and advise on the best way to produce their chosen design as sometimes there will have to be amendments to make the design work.  We work better with a design agency when we both work together and of course listen to each other.

4. What kind of jobs would you say you do most? - boxes or bags mainly.  Reusable bags seem to be on trend at the moment.

5. Do you market yourself to a particular type of client such as high end design, more towards low cost, or to put an emphasis on any environmental stance the company has? How was the branding for the company put together? - We market ourselves to all kinds of design and try not to just reach the high end.  Our brochure tends to be a mixture although mainly high end images are in there.  We do jobs for all budgets so try to keep the market as wide as possible.  Our branding was produced by a design agency in Leeds, Design Project.

6. If you could change anything in general about designers, what would it be? - We wouldn't change much to be honest.  

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